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I need to write a book about my dreams, because they’re incredibly messed up and have impressive narrative arcs.


The Rosy Maple Moth is the prettiest moth ever.

(I do not own the rights to these photos, I just wanted to share this beautiful moth with tumblr.)

The problem is your work is so labor- and time-intensive, and yet people expect to be able to quickly glance at it online whenever they feel like it, and then they’re done with you and all your hard work.
Had a conversation today with a local artist and shared thoughts about how to find/create work spaces (dining room at home = suck), when/if to go back to school (not soon), how to get out of Vegas (plz), and the ups and downs of the Internet being the dominant portal through which to view a lot of art (democratizing?  exploitative?).  This comment is really sticking around in my head.

I don’t think this changes anything about how I will share my work online when I choose to, but it’s making me have cautious thoughts about the online contexts in which we share and view images, especially those we’ve created ourselves, anything from blurry selfies to food porn to art portfolios.  It makes me angst a little over the cheapening of images, not necessarily monetarily, but more like a kind of cultural devaluing.  
Floodplain.  Pen on paper, 3 and 3/8” square.

Floodplain. Pen on paper, 3 and 3/8” square.

Tachrichim macht men on keshenes.
Shrouds are made without pockets.

i woke up like dis


i woke up like dis

But, I also think that “self-improvement” as a dominant cultural narrative and as a product means that we’re drowning in “tips” and “lifehacks” and ways to “optimize” our shit in ways that distract and separate us from deeper engagement with the people and the world around us. And I think that the people who rule this Late Capitalism/Disaster Capitalism/Crony Capitalism/Corporatism/Rule By and For the 1%/Austerity/Eroding of Safety Nets and Public Institutions Like Schools and Roads & Shit What Helps Society Work – whatever you want to call what’s going on in the current political and economic landscape - prosper at our expense when we turn our gaze all the way inward toward what we can do to change & improve ourselves. Because if we blame struggling people solely for their own struggles, and insist that they just need to try harder in order to succeed, we don’t have to face the idea that our own successes were built on more than just our personal exceptionalism. We don’t have to engage with the fact that certain basic shared assumptions about how the world should work are unjust and unsustainable.
Captain Awkward,
"Help I’m Boring"  (via auroraglorialis)

yeah this


art students before a final is due


art students before a final is due

Exercise Haikus

I am not allowed
To stop until there is sweat
All up in my boobs.

The elliptical
Spins eternally in place,
A cruel metaphor.

Run to free your mind,
Burn calories, improve mood—
L. O. L. J. K.



this speaks to me


Human Hair Necklaces by Kerry Howley


Tabitha Kyoko Moses - Hairpurse, 2004    Human Hair, Metal Clasp


Tabitha Kyoko Moses - Hairpurse, 2004    Human Hair, Metal Clasp

The huge amount of people being dismissive of the KC shooter’s antisemitic and racist background and callously brushing his murderous actions off as “mental illness”… You are doing three things:

1. Being dicks to the mentally ill by reinforcing a stigmatizing narrative of mental illness only being visible in acts of senseless or irrational violence— as if all violence is only carried out by the mentally ill
2. Being total dicks to Jews by suggesting we shouldn’t be that mad or worried about our communities getting shot up and dismissing our very real concerns about hate groups (I assure you that having armed guards as a deterrent at our synagogue doesn’t necessarily make it feel safer)
3. Being total dicks to the families and the memories of the victims (all not Jewish) by dismissing the influence of the very real and very dangerous organizations that encourage violence toward Jews and those that engage with our communities


"Be Alone" by huebucket on INPRNT